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"We'll walk with you along the way..."
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  • I'm not religious, how can a chaplain help me?
We all long for meaning and purpose and have the ability to find them and to experience spiritual healing.
The Chaplain will help you articulate your spirituality, your core beliefs that bring meaning to your life, and draw upon these for strengths and direction as you face a terminal illness.
He or she will work with you and offer comfort when overwhelming feelings such as rage or despair consume you and your sense of hope is gone.
  • My clergy visits often, why would I need a hospice chaplain too?
You may not if your clergy person provides the spiritual support that meets your concerns and needs.
Our chaplains can also work together with your own clergy to provide comfort and caring.
  • What is spiritual support?
Spiritual support in hospice means engaging the issues that arise when one faces a terminal illness from the perspective of your spirituality. The chaplain offers support through a compassionate, care presences, non-judgmental listening, and spiritual counseling.
When meaningful to the patient or family, spiritual support can include such things as ritual, prayer, reading, singing, meditation, and guided imagery.
"We'll walk with you along the way..."
  • What's the difference between religion and spirituality?
Religion is a system of beliefs and practices shared by a community of people. These beliefs and practices nurture a relationship with a supreme being, give moral guidance and provide meaning of life.
Spiritually is the way we live out our deepest beliefs, values, and convictions in our daily life. It is the way we live out our search for peace and meaning. Some people call this "lived religion." Our everyday choices reveal glimpses of our spirituality by pointing toward what we value most in life and what ethical principles we follow.
  • Is hospice associated with any religious organization?
No, hospice care is not connected to any religion. Our hospice serve the broad community and do not expect or impose any particular set of beliefs. Our hospice chaplains are sensitively skilled and trained to be of spiritual support for you, whatever your beliefs may be.
  • Will the chaplain try to make us religious?
No, the chaplain does not try to convert you or to judge your beliefs, practices, or lack thereof. Respecting your way of viewing life, the chaplain is not here to push you but to encourage you to sort through and resolve feeling and issues that are causing concern and difficulty to you and/or your family.
Facing the big questions is not always easy of pleasant, but it is the only path to greater healing and love.
"We'll walk with you along the way..."